Ann (kaitou1412) wrote in lettergames,

London, March 18XX

Dear Cousin,

I apologize for the tardiness of my reply. Indeed I did not want to write this letter at all. Part of me hoped that events would prove that I would not have to, but that is not fair to you, as you must be waiting and wondering.

I know I promised you all my help while you were in France, and I will still honor that promise to the best of my ability. But I fear that the help I may be able to offer has been severly limited by recent events.

Papa has decided that my lack of any serious suitors as of yet can be laid at the Sutcourt doorstep. The scandalous nature of your family history as well as the fact that I have some small Talent of my own has, in his view, tainted my reputation. Those aspects so attractive in the Sutcourt men, (As so often appears in the society columns) a strength of spirit, paranormal abilities, and a somewhat...hedonistic nature, are not proper for a young woman of my standing, whether they apply to me or not. But as long as my name remains linked with yours in Society, people will make their own judgements. Because of this Papa has herefore banned me from any dealings with the Sutcourt clan.

This is most unfair. It is not even a month into the season, and there are many girls here on their second, or even third pass through the Marriage Mart. I understand Papa's urgency. I know he cannot afford a second season, so this is my one chance as it were. But it isn't right for him to act so quickly or so harshly. For once I wish that I were a bit more like the Helen of times past.

But he is my father and I must obey him in this.

So for now my spellbooks shall go on top of my head instead of in front of my eyes so I may practice gliding effortlessly while being charming and feather headed. Perhaps it would be best if you asked Ralph for assistance now. And indeed I realize you could have done so all along. So I thank you for humoring your baby cousin.

With all my love and affection,

P.S. Tell Theophile that he only thinks Paris is dull because he is not in London. To me it seems to rain every day, even if there is not a cloud in the sky.
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