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London, March 18XX

Dearest Joshua,

Thank you so much for your note, without it I might not have noticed your absence for my Season has been such a whirlwind of activity and delight that I had really quite forgotten you. Really cousin, I’m surprised at you. Did you think me such a bluestocking as to be incapable of enjoying a waltz? While I am not quite the belle of the ball, my dance card remains quite full, and Papa despairs of reclaiming the front foyer as it is choked with flowers of great variety.

No, I shall be honest with you though it galls me to admit it. It has been intolerably dreary without your presence. I am as fond of pretty things and dancing as any girl, but I do not see how a waltz and a ride in a curricle are supposed to help me find the right sort of husband for me. However I doubt that many other girls would exchange their flowers and chocolates for a précis of their suitor’s intents and accounts that one may tally up in a ledger. At least if you were in Town you would be able to direct me to those men who have enough intelligence to find Paris on a map. It is quite exhausting having to track them all down myself.

You are forgiven in abandoning me so abruptly only because I know the necessity of the situation. Really, Joshua, another sibling? I have heard of sowing one’s wild oats, but your father is really the outside of everything. Tell me, is this one a child, or someone closer to our own ages? Tell me at this point in time who is the seventh son of the seventh son? It always seems to change. At this rate I swear it will be one of the twins, or both at once, merely because it would be inconvenient.

I beg of you to take care of yourself in this endeavor. Uncle Thaddeus’s intrigues always have a way of becoming more complicated than they seem at the outset, and you say this one seems tangled to begin with. You must write to me and tell me every detail, and you know I am not speaking of modes. Whatever shall you do, dear Joshua, when I am not there to think for you? If you do not confide in me, and let me assist in whatever small way I can, I shall write to you lengthy letters of each trip to Almack’s and tell you what everyone was wearing and everything that was said. I have a prodigious memory as you know and have no qualms in using it as a weapon.

Your loving cousin,

P.S. Ralph! You may say he is the very salt of the earth, but I do not trust the way he eyes my bodice.

P.P.S. You think you have endeared yourself to me by using my pet name. I assure you this is not the case. Incorrigible, Joshua, really, just when I am prepared to be furious with you.
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